So much fun to be had,

So little time!
I met Lisa near Santa Barbara today, and we had some quality sister time. Shopping, pedicures, Coffee Bean. Then dinner and swimming with Steve and the kids.
Sigh...it was so good to be together, but just too brief.

I love my sister!


Lisa Leonard said...

soooo good! i love you, too!

Shannon said...

I love you both! I hope and pray that my twins are as close as you two are when they get older!

Cathi Hamen said...

How fun to take a jaunt up to SB for the day! I used to in college meet my best friend but now... i need to do that..
Yeah for sisters!

Sarah Markley said...

When i read your title, at first glance i though it said "so much fun to be BAD"...I thought, what could you two possibly be doing! Ha. Love you!

Ellen said...

It's fun to read your and Lisa's blogs. I get the same story in two different versions (when you spend time together).