My Happy Routines

I love to get in a rut. Whether it's a certain food, a song, a TV show, whatever, I will eat it or listen to it or watch it over and over and over again. Some find it annoying. I like to think of it as endearing.

Right now I have a few addictions I am enjoying:

1. Golden Spoon peanut butter cup frozen yogurt with peanut butter cups on top

2. Starbucks venti iced green tea unsweetened. I add my own sugar, real sugar, and lots of it. Matt watches and rolls his eyes. He does that a lot.
Funny side note: I always have an iced tea nearby when I am teaching. A while back, one of my students was playing school at home. She asked her mom if she could have a glass of apple juice while she was playing the teacher so she could look like me. How cute is that?

3. Mesa Burrito from Taco Mesa.

Here's a sample dialogue:
Matt: Where do you want to eat, honey?
Chrissie: How about Taco Mesa?
Matt: But we ate there yesterday. And didn't you eat there with Liz the day before that? How about sushi. Mmmmm, doesn't sushi sound good?
Chrissie: (silence)
Matt: Taco Mesa is kind of hot.
Chrissie: Hot like temperature or hot like spicy?
Matt: Both
Chrissie: (Turning a/c up in the car) The Mesa burrito isn't spicy.
Matt: Ok, whatever makes you happy, honey.

4. Blogging-reading blogs, commenting on blogs, writing my own blog...

5. Making lists-errands to run, people to call, household work to be done, grocery lists, lists of ideas, lists of lists I need to make...

6. Reading books about foster parenting, journaling about foster parenting, making flow charts, diagrams, and graphs about foster parenting


Robin said...

Number 5 is my favourite. I love making lists for everything. I have a HUGE list of things to accomplish over summer. I'm maybe half way through if that.

Anonymous said...

I love the list thing. My DH tells me I am the most organized person...on paper, he knows. Now if only all my lists actually got done.

Found you through your sister, through my friend Jody-Nitty Gritty.

Have a good day,


Lisa Leonard said...

Matt is sooo patient with you :) I am totally into decaf, iced lattes, blogging and watching scrubs or veronica mars. i didn't see naps on your list!

Sarah Markley said...

Too funny about the Spoon. I was going to do a post just about the Spoon. Maybe next month. Right now I like Belgian Chocolate and Peanut Butter together. Love it!

Ellen said...

Yeah, we all have habits that are tough to break. Just be sure to let Matt pick where you have dinner once in a while.

Anonymous said...

Hey there!
Now I can snoop into your life like I do Lisa's! :)
We're putting the kids into the Classical Academy this fall... blog about your job... a LOT please!

Kelly said...

i LOVE routines...maybe a little too much! at least they're all happy routines.

Stinkky said...

Okay - first time I'm responding to a blog - feeling compelled as I am a creature of habit myself - finding LOTS of comfort in them - and besides, what else do God fearing people have to be addicted to if it isn't ruts :) Go sistah!

michele said...

Hey Chrissie! We just got back from Cambria. It was aMAZing!! It reminded me of our times there with you and in the spirit of this post...your happy routines...I thought I'd post the "routines"of yours (er...addictions) of our past trips...

Cambria trip #1: needing to get back to the house by 4 pm to watch the new (at that time) show "Trading Spaces"
Cambria trip #2: canvas painting, searching various pharmacies for more paint and canvases, looking for paintings to buy...
Cambria trip #3: running, running, running and making mint chip milkshakes
Cambria trip #4: THE PEDOMETER (oh man!) and mexican hot chocolate.

Your obsessions are so fun. I love you!!!

Heather said...

I do the rut thing too. Right now it is Chicken Sandwiches and french fries. I have also been known to eat bologna sandwiches every day for lunch or Burger King every day. My family thinks I'm odd... I prefer your reasoning...