A Hole in the Wall

Matt and I love to eat out, but we hate crowds and long waits. We have found some local restaurants that are delicious, affordable, and not big chains. And we can usually sit right down. If you live around here, check them out!
Mexican- Taco Mesa- Mission Viejo
Thai- King and I-Lake Forest
Peruvian- Inka Mama in Foothill Ranch
Mediteranean- Yas in Mission Viejo
Italian- Louie, Louie in RSM
Sandwiches- Boulevard Deli in RSM
Japanese- Niko, Niko in RSM
BBQ- Bad to the Bone in SJC

What are your favorites?


Ellen said...

Wow, that's a lot of food. Sounds like you've got a lot of delicious places to eat. I like trying tasty new foods too!

Kelly said...

Inka Mama's is our ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. We also like Maya Inn (on the corner of Los Alisos and Jeronimo) for a whole in the wall Mexican food place.

Cathi Hamen said...

Whoo Hoooo King & I!! See you there tonight! Can't wait!!
Yummy Curry Cxn Med spicy~

michele said...

I can verify that Yas is very yummy! Love the hummus plate! Wish we could be closer to go more often =(.

Sarah Markley said...

Mexican: El Mirador (Orange) and we also love our Taco Mesa. We also like Flame Broiler (not really a hole) but lately its been slipping. Not happy about that.