The Spoon

Hung out with Sarah and the kids today. So fun!
Sarah is such a good Mommy, lots of energy and tons of patience. She took the kids to the Discovery Science Center today. She really lets them be kids. Makes me want to be a mommy too!

Sweet Naomi, happy, happy even though it's naptime.

Chrissie and Sarah- I love you, friend!

Yummmmm! Always the same- peanut butter cup with peanut butter cups

Such a girly girl, so smart and b-e-a-utiful!


Ellen said...

Looks like you had a good time. Such cute pictures! Don't tempt me with pictures of Golden Spoon!

michele said...

FUN! By the way, do you call it "The Spoon" cause that's the cool way to do it? Kind of like "Coffee Bean" instead of "The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf" like I would always refer to it? Keep me in the loop...I need your guidance!!!

Sarah Markley said...

Actually, michelle, we'd just call it the "Bean", or the "'Buck". But a wonderful place like Golden Spoon definately deserves its own nickname! We had fun yesterday too, Chrissie!

Kelly said...

Cooper is at "the spoon" right now... thanks, your picture helped make up my mind. Love it!

michele said...

Thanks for keeping me up to date, Sarah!
I'm on my way to "Sp---" right now (see how I'm ahead of the times calling it that!). Chrissie, I think you should get some sort of commission from them for this post. I've been thinking about it all day since I read your blog.

Lisa Leonard said...

With I could have played with you girls!! Looks like fun (and yummy!!) xoxo

Cathi Hamen said...

Love it girl! We all love going to "the spoon" with Chrissie. What an awesome friend you are to everyone. I am so blessed to have you as mine too!