Sorrow and Snacks

Yesterday was my Grandma's memorial service. Such a sweet and sad time of being with family and remembering her amazing life. She loved her family intentionally and she loved us well. We pretty much could do no wrong in her eyes.
So, I'm sure she wouldn't have minded that I left halfway through the service to take the girls across the street to CVS for a bag of M&Ms. It was purely a survival tactic. They had been alternating between howling, standing, climbing, giggling, crying, whining... They just weren't going to make it through the service without a short break and some calories.
Next time I'll have the sweets packed in my purse before we get to the church.


The Fun Just Never Ends

We love Jalapenos, a nearby Mexican restaurant.

Well, I should say Matt and I love the food. The girlies love the quarter toy machines. They like to bring a quarter from their piggy bank to get a treat.

Cutie always seems to get a beaded bracelet or ruby ring. Sweetie always gets the same little green alien guy doing a karate kick.

Life can be so unfair.

The good news is that each cheap, plastic toy comes in a really cool clear plastic capsule. And the plastic capsules never disappoint.

See pictures below.


Watch Out World

The girls cannot WAIT to start their dance class tomorrow morning. We did a little practice run tonight-tights, leotards, slippers, even their little french twists. Just to make sure we were all set to go.