Tonight We Chill

How is it that life feels even busier when we are on vacation from school and work?

But not tonight. Tonight the girls are at their grandparents. Tonight we eat takeout from Pick Up Stix curled up with a blanket and watching Music and Lyrics.

Tonight we chill.


Fruity Pals and Plane Rides

Setting the scene:

I'm in front of the TV with a mountain of laundry to be folded, sorted, and put away. {Yes, loving the new washer and dryer!} Also, I'm eating a bowl of Fruity Pebbles cereal. So yummy and a great source of fiber, that's my rationalization. Cutie, who has been tucked into bed long ago, is standing silently in the hall, watching me, waiting for me to notice her.

Me: Laughing, What's up sweetie?

Cutie: Ummm, ummm it's kind of scary in there.

Me: Ok, I'll tuck you back in.

Cutie: What are you eating?

Me: It's a bowl of cereal.

Cutie: What kind? Let me smell your mouth. It smells good.

Me: It's Fruity Pebbles.

Cutie: Where's my Fruity Pals?

Me: You can have some in the morning.

Cutie: In the morning? Can we go to the O-pork (airport) and get on a plane in the morning?

Me: No, we'll go on a plane another day.

Cutie: Can we go to Grammy and Pop Pop's house?

Me: They are going to come over here.

Cutie: I need another hug. Let me smell your mouth again. I can have some Fruity Pals in the morning?

Me: Yes, they are really delicious. Good night, sweet girl. I love you.

Cutie: I love you.


Christmas 2007

What a wild and fun Christmas! We had a blast in San Luis Obispo with my side of the family, then went to visit Matt's family and then to the girls' Grandparents with all their aunts, uncles and cousins. We are exhausted!

The girls got soo many presents, they didn't know what to do. So many new things to play with and wear. They are loving their new scooters and backyard toys, their new dresses and baby dolls from Grammy and Pop Pop, and their new kitchen sets and brumbellas from Grandma and Grandpa.

And I got what I really wanted, a new washer and dryer. I can't believe how big the washer is! It's twice as big as the one we had. Yay for fewer loads of laundry!

Merry Christmas!
Praise God for the best Gift of all-his Son!


What a treat!

Cathi and Shannon surprised us this morning by stopping by our home with Starbucks and a Christmas gift for the girls. How fun is that?

The gift was a Christmas book and a sign for their room that says, "CUTIE." Perfect.

The Cuties were SO excited! Laughing and playing and hiding and cuddling.

They couldn't believe their teacher was actually in their home. They asked, "Why aren't you at school?"

Shannon is a new favorite, too! They fell in love with her in seconds, which is easy to do.

Thank you, my friends, for making us feel so special. You truly made my day.


Conversations we have on our way to school

Cutie: Are we going to take the freeway?

Me: No, we just drive the streets to school.

Cutie: But I want to take the freeway. I like the freeway.

Me: Why do you like to go on the freeway?

Cutie: uummmmm...because we get to see lots of ferris wheels.

Me: That's true.

Cutie: Are we going to do a U-turn?

Me: No, we are just going to make a left turn here.

Cutie: Why don't we do a U-turn?

Me: Because then we would be going the wrong way.

Cutie: There is the donut shop. See the sign? Can we go to the donut shop?

Me: Not today, we need to get to school.

Cutie: Maybe another day?

Me: Yes, another day.

Cutie: What does donut start with?

Me: d...d...d...donut.

Cutie: "D"

Me: That's right! Very good.

Cutie: Why did you just do a U-turn? Did you go the wrong way?

Me: No, you have to do a U-turn to get into this driveway.

Cutie: Oh.

Cutie: Are you going to stop for an iced tea?

Me: Yep, I gotta have my iced tea.

Cutie: You like iced tea? It's your favorite?

Me: Yep, gotta have my iced tea.

Cutie: Are you chewing gum?

Me: Yes.

Cutie: What color is it?

Me: Yellow.

Cutie: Can I see it?

Me: It's not really a good time because I'm driving.

Cutie: Just show me in the mirror.

Me: I need to watch the road.

Cutie: You have to be careful?

Me: Yes, I don't want to hit any cars.

Cutie: You don't want to smash the new car?

Me: No, I want to keep our new car pretty.

Cutie: Sometimes new cars get smashed.

Me: That's true. That's why I want to be a safe driver.


Saturday and Just Relaxing

  • Drinking iced tea lemonade
  • Walking the dog
  • Climbing a tree in the backyard
  • Getting cute new haircuts
  • Eating messy ice cream cones
  • Chatting on the phone with Mitch and Lisa
  • Taking lazy naps
  • Playing with our train set
  • Christmas partying at Sue and Ellen's
  • Not getting anything done


It's Happening

In spite of our weaknesses,
Our inexperienced guesswork
And the dark circles under our eyes
In spite of ourselves
We are falling in love.
Our hearts are melding together.
We are becoming a family.



It has been SO much fun having children to celebrate Christmas with this year. It really changes the season, enjoying it through them.
Here is a list of traditions I hope we can continue with the girls through the years:
  • white lights on the outside of our house (Thanks, Art!)
  • driving around to look at crazy houses with lights
  • live Christmas tree with the train chugging around the base
  • 1960s Television Christmas Classics on DVD-Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph, etc.
  • Elf the movie
  • Christmas CDs-Sufjan, Sarah McLachlan
  • The Advent Book and nativity scene
  • Christmas choir concert at church
  • fires in the fireplace, candles burning, hot chocolate, pumpkin spice muffins
  • Dreyers peppermint ice cream
  • Making a gingerbread house
  • Pretty Christmas dresses for the girls

What are your favorite Christmas traditions?


Throat + Yodel = Throadel

Throadeling is a rare talent. It is the ability to yodel inside the throat while crying. It takes a lot of practice to master, but I am proud to say that Cutie gets an A+.
We have had many wonderful opportunities to hear her throadeling in the car, especially on long drives. She also has wonderful projection and endurance.
If throadeling were an Olympic sport, she would win the gold.


Our Bellies are Happy

I looked at the foods we already had in the pantry and fridge and went to allrecipes.com for a new idea for dinner.
The Skillet Apple Chicken turned out surprisingly delicious. I used an extra apple, garlic powder instead of garlic salt, and half the pepper.
I made whole grain biscuits to go with it out of Trader Joe's Whole Grain pancake mix.
Very wintery, warm and filling.


Just right.

Vivid blue sky, warm sun, cool breeze, and leaves floating down as I sat on a bench watching the girls play at the park.
It was one of those eternal moments where everything is so beautiful and peaceful.
And perfect.

I've been reflecting on how to create a smoother morning routine in our home. Especially the mornings feel long yet hurried. It seems like we have so much time, and then suddenly we are rushing around.

I'm trying to slow down, accomplish less and just be. I'm trying to make preparations the night before when they are sleeping. Then, let the breakfast dishes sit a while longer, let the dust collect for a few more days. Move slower, talk slower, read to my girls, and let them run around with laundry baskets over their heads, and not be so distracted.


Rejected by a Three-Year-Old

The adult, rational me knows that when Cutie pushes me away she is confused or angry or processing or tired or all of these.
The vulnerable, emotional me doubts whether I am a good mother. Are we moving forward? Am I meeting her needs and loving her well?

My mind is full of these thoughts and many prayers.

Lord, help me to be and to say what these girls need. Give me wisdom and patience.


What a F * U * N weekend!

Friday {just the two of us}
Matt and I went on a date. We ate dinner in a noisy, crowded restaurant but still had good conversation, and then saw Enchanted.
So funny! Really clever. I recommend it.

Saturday {the more the merrier}
Visited with my friend, Ginny. What an encouragement she is to me!
Had lunch with my family at our favorite Italian place-Domenico's in Belmont Shore. Best salad dressing and pepperoni pizza anywhere. Yum and fun!
Had a Christmas reunion with the Supper Club. Dear, dear friends, so good to spend time together and laugh and eat and talk. I received a candle in our gift exchange. Smells beatiful-just like Christmas should. Thanks, Mitchy! On a scale of one through ten, it's 1000!

Sunday {let's celebrate}
Christmas party and Christmas Choir concert. Beautiful music and message about Christ's birth and the fact that He was born to die.

Now we are all exhausted! Sleep tight my friends.