Fruity Pals and Plane Rides

Setting the scene:

I'm in front of the TV with a mountain of laundry to be folded, sorted, and put away. {Yes, loving the new washer and dryer!} Also, I'm eating a bowl of Fruity Pebbles cereal. So yummy and a great source of fiber, that's my rationalization. Cutie, who has been tucked into bed long ago, is standing silently in the hall, watching me, waiting for me to notice her.

Me: Laughing, What's up sweetie?

Cutie: Ummm, ummm it's kind of scary in there.

Me: Ok, I'll tuck you back in.

Cutie: What are you eating?

Me: It's a bowl of cereal.

Cutie: What kind? Let me smell your mouth. It smells good.

Me: It's Fruity Pebbles.

Cutie: Where's my Fruity Pals?

Me: You can have some in the morning.

Cutie: In the morning? Can we go to the O-pork (airport) and get on a plane in the morning?

Me: No, we'll go on a plane another day.

Cutie: Can we go to Grammy and Pop Pop's house?

Me: They are going to come over here.

Cutie: I need another hug. Let me smell your mouth again. I can have some Fruity Pals in the morning?

Me: Yes, they are really delicious. Good night, sweet girl. I love you.

Cutie: I love you.


michele said...

So sweet, Chrissie! You know you are loved and trusted when someone asks to "smell your mouth"!!

Lisa Leonard said...

Love me some fruity pals :)

Sarah Markley said...

So beautiful and cute. My fave are Marshmallow Mateys (from Target). =)

Karyn said...

Fruity Pebbles were my absolute favorite growing up. Yum yum.

It's so great to hear about the love that so quickly developed amongst the four of you. Sounds like a great match.