What a F * U * N weekend!

Friday {just the two of us}
Matt and I went on a date. We ate dinner in a noisy, crowded restaurant but still had good conversation, and then saw Enchanted.
So funny! Really clever. I recommend it.

Saturday {the more the merrier}
Visited with my friend, Ginny. What an encouragement she is to me!
Had lunch with my family at our favorite Italian place-Domenico's in Belmont Shore. Best salad dressing and pepperoni pizza anywhere. Yum and fun!
Had a Christmas reunion with the Supper Club. Dear, dear friends, so good to spend time together and laugh and eat and talk. I received a candle in our gift exchange. Smells beatiful-just like Christmas should. Thanks, Mitchy! On a scale of one through ten, it's 1000!

Sunday {let's celebrate}
Christmas party and Christmas Choir concert. Beautiful music and message about Christ's birth and the fact that He was born to die.

Now we are all exhausted! Sleep tight my friends.


michele said...

But do you REALLY love the candle? Really and truly????? Love ya!!

Grace 4 Russia said...

Seems to me like you've been reading a book with a lot of cliches lately...or something...

Love you friend.

Sarah Markley said...

We had fun too - are you sure you don't want to trade your candle??? =)

Lisa Leonard said...

that candle changed my life and other hilarious moments with the club. so, so good!