Just right.

Vivid blue sky, warm sun, cool breeze, and leaves floating down as I sat on a bench watching the girls play at the park.
It was one of those eternal moments where everything is so beautiful and peaceful.
And perfect.

I've been reflecting on how to create a smoother morning routine in our home. Especially the mornings feel long yet hurried. It seems like we have so much time, and then suddenly we are rushing around.

I'm trying to slow down, accomplish less and just be. I'm trying to make preparations the night before when they are sleeping. Then, let the breakfast dishes sit a while longer, let the dust collect for a few more days. Move slower, talk slower, read to my girls, and let them run around with laundry baskets over their heads, and not be so distracted.


Ellen said...

Children live in the moment. I think that's why it's so good to have them around. They remind us to slow down and enjoy the little things (a laundry basket on the head).

Rojas' said...

Me to! It's so hard to do with all the hussle and bussle but I feel like I miss so much when I'm going in full gear. I too want to SLOW down. Let me know if you have any secrets on how to do this!!!! XOXO

Lisa Leonard said...

That is a trip, I just blogged and came over to read yours and the sentiment is definitely similar. Maybe we are twins?! I love you sis!

Sarah Markley said...

Perfect. I agree about the twins thing.

Karyn said...

Balance...I feel like I will never achieve it. If you figure it out, please let me know. I guess we can't expect too much of ourselves though. I don't think there's a mom in the world who has that one figured out.