Silly Cousins and Best Buddies

When these three get together, there is so much energy and play and love. This game, Elefun, was the highlight. The object is to catch butterflies in a net as they fly out of a four foot elephant trunk. I'm not sure why the butterflies are in the elephant trunk to begin with, but, no matter, it's fun. Even Lisa, Steve, and I got in on the action.

Lots of hugs. Big, big hugs. Hugs that make you fall over.

Like this.

What a great three days spending time with my sister and her family.


It's already here

This is my last week of teaching before summer.

I'm looking forward to having unscheduled time with the girls (our first summer together as a family!) But I still want and need to have some sort of a routine so we aren't in our pajamas until 1:00 pm everyday.

Here is the basic schedule I came up with. Its just a guideline, so it's flexible.
8:00 wake up + eat breakfast + get ready
9:30 phonics + reading
10:00 activity/outing
beach * lake * water park * pool * library *zoo * bake * craft
12:00 lunch
sandwiches (goat cheese & red pepper * tomato * turkey * tuna)
soy chips + fruit + chocolate pretzels + iced tea (milk for girls)
1:00 nap
3:00 play + housework + errands
5:00 start dinner
6:00 dinner + bible in backyard
bbq + salad + fresh fruit
7:00 walk alfred
7:30 bath
8:15 quiet play
9:00 bed time
What have you got planned for your summer?


Guys backflip into jeans

Can you pogo stick off a picnic table into your jeans?
This might just be the funniest minute and a half of my day.


Old suitcase keys

are just the thing for starting up your trike.


Make-Believe Heaven

Bunk beds+more room=so much fun.

Our generous friends offered us this play kitchen they had outgrown. Fake food, dishes and all! We're talking microwave, electric mixer, working light, french fries, and spatulas.

They just can't get enough.

Thank you Sarah!


Dedicating the Girls

What a special Mother's Day.
My very first.
We went in front of our congregation at church this morning to dedicate ourselves and the girls to the Lord.
This is not for the purpose of salvation, but to commit ourselves to raise the girls to respect and honor God and to love and serve Jesus Christ.
Our amazing pastor prayed for all of us. Our families were there to celebrate with us.
It was wonderful. I am a blessed mother. I am so grateful.


We got new shoes

and now we can run so much faster.


The Cuties Get Ahold of a Camera

Tips to beginning photographers:

1) Take a LOT of pictures
2) Focus on the small details
3) Find a unique perspective
4) Make the ordinary extraordinary
5) Focus on those you love


We bunked their beds

And now they have SO much more room. They both love the top bunk, (of course) so they shared it last night. Pretty cute.

It reminded me of when Lisa and I were little and loved to cuddle up together. We told our parents that a twin-size bed was made for twins.


Rough Housing

The rules are:
  • run fast
  • chase each other
  • jump off things
  • scream loudly
  • hide
  • roll around
  • watch out for Gracie
  • stop when someone gets hurt


New Dresses

My sweet friend, Lisa Roberts, made these dresses for the girls. So darling! And it makes them so much easier to tell apart.