It's already here

This is my last week of teaching before summer.

I'm looking forward to having unscheduled time with the girls (our first summer together as a family!) But I still want and need to have some sort of a routine so we aren't in our pajamas until 1:00 pm everyday.

Here is the basic schedule I came up with. Its just a guideline, so it's flexible.
8:00 wake up + eat breakfast + get ready
9:30 phonics + reading
10:00 activity/outing
beach * lake * water park * pool * library *zoo * bake * craft
12:00 lunch
sandwiches (goat cheese & red pepper * tomato * turkey * tuna)
soy chips + fruit + chocolate pretzels + iced tea (milk for girls)
1:00 nap
3:00 play + housework + errands
5:00 start dinner
6:00 dinner + bible in backyard
bbq + salad + fresh fruit
7:00 walk alfred
7:30 bath
8:15 quiet play
9:00 bed time
What have you got planned for your summer?


Ellen said...

You are almost done with school?!? I am so jealous. I love your scheduled--but not too scheduled--plan for summer. I think it is the perfect mix of work and play.

My plan is to read, read, read, then nap, eat ice cream, and hang out with friends and family. I have a stack of books I can't wait to dive into. I had to put myself on book-restriction because I was buying too many books. Once I finish my current stack I give myself permission to purchase a few more.

Anonymous said...

Ummm... staying in our pajamas until 1:00? :)

Becoming Me said...

I just found your blog and had a lovely visit. I am an aspiring homeschooler and will be starting preschool with my daughter this Fall.

Jeff and Robin said...

I'm leaving for Canada in a few weeks. So excited! Then I'm working for the summer. That's okay though!

Smoochdog ~ said...

I love that schedule...can I be part of your routine for the summer it sounds much better than mine...which is work M-F - enjoy the weekends. Take a week off in July and go to Maine.

Nyla said...

Our schedule is very similar to yours...with one change.

I go the gym at 8 with the kids and then we come home and clean house...do chores...and then have our beach, pool, library...whatever play time. I find that if I do the outing in the am...then I don't feel like cooking or cleaning when we get home...I am too tired from the hot sun. We are usually at the beach by 12 and stay until 4.

I can't beleive we are done teaching in two days! YEAH!

Sarah Markley said...

makes me want to come over for goat cheese, iced tea and quiet play!

Lisa Leonard said...

your lunch ideas are making me hungry!

Shan said...

yummy - i'm for sure hanging out with you (in hopes for some crumbs). I really can't wait to hang with you and the girlies - Beach here we come :)

Cathi Hamen said...

whoa.. its almost here for me... summer schedule is on hiatus right now... but for cami We go to Dland once a week while shes on vacation.. then when I get out... we will have a similar program... i want some of your kunch! what time?