Rough Housing

The rules are:
  • run fast
  • chase each other
  • jump off things
  • scream loudly
  • hide
  • roll around
  • watch out for Gracie
  • stop when someone gets hurt


Ellen said...

Rough housing is so important for kids. I remember my Dad tickling us, pulling us out of "his" chair. We loved it!

Cathi Hamen said...

i love seeing matt on your blog... what a great daddy!!!

Naomi said...

i love this picture of matt and the girlys

Nyla said...

I love picture! The rough housing is such a must! Although, I seem to get tired way before my kids do! :) What is up with that ? Oh yeah, I am getting older!

Anonymous said...

"Rough Housing"? is what you may call it, but by moving around a few letters, we would call it "Rough Rousing" :) Cheesy, we know... love ya guys!
love, the Smiths

Michelle B said...

This is a familiar sight at my house also! Rough housing with Daddy!

Shan said...

Looks like some fun :} Seems like I'm always the one getting hurt though!!

Sarah Markley said...

Sooo fun! Hopefully no one really got hurt!