Driving Home Tonight

Cutie: Mom, what are we going to do tomorrow?

Me: I don't know, Sweetie. We don't have any plans.

Cutie: But Moooom, I really want to go somewhere.

Me: Well, we'll just wait and see what happens tomorrow.

Cutie: Mom, I am NOT impressed.

Me: (Belly laughing) I'm so sorry our social calendar does not impress you.


Don't set your belongings down at a thrift store

I took two tired, crabby girls to a thrift store yesterday. I wanted to find a really large picture frame I could spray paint for a project I'm doing.
They whined and flailed and one of them threw their darling jean jacket (that fit perfectly and matched with everything) off to the side.
While trying to manage the chaos, and find my picture frame, the jacket disappeared. Gone.
I searched everywhere, on the racks, under the racks, even in people's carts. No where.

But I found a picture frame. Super cute. And all it cost me was $2.00. And a jean jacket.


Sixth file, sixth picture

My sister tagged me. You're supposed to open up the picture files on your computer and pull the sixth picture from the sixth folder.
This is me and my sweet friend, Sarah at Golden Spoon frozen yogurt. We took this over a year ago. The funny thing is, we met at Golden Spoon today, too.
Love you, Sarah!


I had a memory

...of a time in college when I locked my keys in the car.

The memory made me smile, thinking back on how great my sister is and what total geeks we were (are.)

I was at the gym. This was back when I actually used my gym membership. I had finished my workout, walked out to my 1972 bright-blue-beater of a Toyota, and realized my keys were locked inside.

Not knowing what to do, I called my little sister, Ellen, to come help me out. She didn't have a spare key, but she drove over anyway, just to offer her support. That's just the kind of person she is.

We put our brilliant, MacGyver-like minds together to figure out a plan. Picture the A-team using a q-tip, three strands of hair, and a pair of contacts to build a bomb.

We pooled our money ($2.14) and walked over to a tiny, ancient hardware store in the same shopping center to see what we could find.

We looked around, scratched our chins, and looked around again. Five minutes later we left the store with a broom and a roll of duct tape. When in doubt, always reach for the duct tape. At least, that's my dad's motto.

We went back to my junkmobile and got to work.

At some point during this operation, a friend parked nearby to go into the gym. We ducked for cover. This is not the type of situation in which you want your friends to see you. I mean, we had reputations to uphold.

Anyway, We used the duct tape to attach her car key to the end of the broom. Then we wedged the broom through the back window, up to the front of the car. We carefully slipped the key into the unlock lever.

And it worked. I know. We couldn't believe it either.

Good times, good times.

Then there was the time Ellen came to bail me out when I locked my keys in the car at the gas station.

And the time Ellen came to bail me out when I locked my keys in the car (in the ignition with the car running) when I was eating at Arby's...

Yeah, I'm good at locking my keys in my car.

Awwww...the memories. Love you, Ellen.


Cutie said to me this morning...

"Mom, why are you copying Cinderella's stepmother?"


Saturday - To Do List

1. Take a bath
2. Put on rain boots
3. Play the tambourine


Sorrow and Snacks

Yesterday was my Grandma's memorial service. Such a sweet and sad time of being with family and remembering her amazing life. She loved her family intentionally and she loved us well. We pretty much could do no wrong in her eyes.
So, I'm sure she wouldn't have minded that I left halfway through the service to take the girls across the street to CVS for a bag of M&Ms. It was purely a survival tactic. They had been alternating between howling, standing, climbing, giggling, crying, whining... They just weren't going to make it through the service without a short break and some calories.
Next time I'll have the sweets packed in my purse before we get to the church.


The Fun Just Never Ends

We love Jalapenos, a nearby Mexican restaurant.

Well, I should say Matt and I love the food. The girlies love the quarter toy machines. They like to bring a quarter from their piggy bank to get a treat.

Cutie always seems to get a beaded bracelet or ruby ring. Sweetie always gets the same little green alien guy doing a karate kick.

Life can be so unfair.

The good news is that each cheap, plastic toy comes in a really cool clear plastic capsule. And the plastic capsules never disappoint.

See pictures below.


Watch Out World

The girls cannot WAIT to start their dance class tomorrow morning. We did a little practice run tonight-tights, leotards, slippers, even their little french twists. Just to make sure we were all set to go.


Laughter in Sadness

My grandma passed away last night. I miss her. I'm still trying to understand that she's not here anymore. She's always been here, so how can she not be here? I know she is in heaven, and whole and rejoicing. I will see her again. But for now, I miss her.

To break the news to my girls, I asked them to come sit with me on the couch so I could talk to them. Here's how the conversation went:

Me: Girls, Grandma Fisher went to heaven last night. She is with Jesus now.

Cutie: I'll miss her.

Sweetie: Why did you pause the TV?

Had to laugh at that one.


Riding Alligators

When we are in a mall or a big hotel, the girls refer to the elevators as "alligators." So sweet.
I have been riding alligators a lot lately, in the eight-story hospital where my grandma is right now. Up and down, over and over.

The girls like to lay down on their backs when they ride an alligator. But I prefer to take a deep breath and just get it over with. They make me dizzy.

It's been a few days since I've been home. But sometimes the demands of life take precedence over time at home with my sweet husband and girlies. My lovely grandmother is declining rapidly, has just a little more time left. I need to be with her and my parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins.... I need to tell her one more time how much I love her and to say goodbye.

I'd much prefer to be in my small, comfy, quiet home with my three favorite people.... But right now, as hard as it is, this is where I'm supposed to be.
It's good to be here.


Spending her Allowance

The girls get 4 quarters a week for their allowance. They've been saving it up for a couple weeks, so Matt took them to the Target dollar section to unload all that money.

Sweetie chose 2 spray bottles-one as a present for Aunt Lisa (so sweet) and the other to help me clean the house. All day she kept asking me when she could start cleaning the mirrors and windows.

But we had a busy day yesterday-a family wedding reception for my younger brother, with lots of cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, grandparents... The girls ran and played for hours and were wiped out and fell asleep in the car on the way home.

As we pulled into the driveway, Sweetie stirred. Groggily, she croaked, "When can I start cleaning?"

I wish I woke up with those words on my lips! We went in the house and I poured some Windex into the bottle and gave her a towel. She worked hard for about 20 minutes until I made her put the cleaning supplies away and get in the bath tub.

This morning she woke up and said, "Mom, can I clean some more today?"

Sure, babe. Right after breakfast.


Cutie's Monologue on Chewing Gum

It's NOT okay to throw your gum on the ground when you are done chewing it. Why do people do this? It's NOT okay.
If a mouse was walking backwards, he might step in something sticky. He would wonder what it was. It would be sticky gum.
Poor little mouse. That's why gum goes in the trash.


ABC's tagged by Robin

A. Attached or single? Happily attached.

B. Best friend? Lisa, Ellen, Susan

C. Cake or pie? Cake-chocolate or carrot, actually I'll eat anything sweet

D. Day of the week? Everyday.

E. Essential item? Iced tea, planner, nap

F. Favorite color? clothing-black, accessories-red

G. Gummi worms or bears? Aren't they the same thing? I'll take either.

H. Hometown? Cypress, Ca.

I. Favorite Indulgence? Coca Cola, donut, chocolate chip pancakes

J. January or July? July-summer vacation, 4th of July

K. Kids? 2 girls-twins

L. Life isn't complete without? Family, lots and lots of family

M. Marriage date? June 30

N. Number of siblings? Six! Four sisters, two brothers

O. Oranges or apples? Watermelon

P. Phobias? Car wreck, choking, drowning, death of family member

Q. Quotes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?
Matt. 6:26-27

R. Reasons to smile? family, nature, rest, Jack Black

S. Season of choice? Summer

T. Tag one person. Nyla

U. Unknown fact about me? I don't know. If you've spent any time with me, I've probably told you everything!

V. Vultures or parakeets? (I made this one up, because there was no "V".) Parakeets

W. Worst habit? Anxiety

X. X-ray or Ultrasound? X-ray.

Y. Favorite food? (Why is this the question for "y?") Meat and potatoes and dessert. No I'm not an organic vegetarian. I wish...

Z. Zodiac sign? Pass.


After Sneezing...

"Mom, I think Cutie gave me her bless-yous."

After second sneeze...
"Mom, I just had a messy bless-you."


You can wear a tutu

wherever you want when you are four years old.


Three Tinks

My friend made these Tinkerbell costumes for Cutie and Sweetie and her daughter.
Mine will probably be wearing theirs tomorrow and the next day...


These girlie-girls got their first manicure/pedicure

The women at the salon gave them the royal treatment and even painted a little heart on their big toenail, just for fun.
Oh, they felt so pretty. They didn't want to wash their hands or bathe that night, for fear that the nail polish would come off.


Okay, I got it.

Last night I was helping the girls clean up their bath toys. Together, we gathered up soggy letters and duckies and bottles and put them into the mesh bag.

I looked down into my hand at one point and saw that I was holding three letters. They spelled G-Y-M.

Yeah, I know. I need to get back into my exercise routine. Especially because the skirt I put on yesterday was just a little too snug to wear.

It's time.


Happy Tuesday

Today we woke up slowly and lazed around a bit. We took our time eating breakfast and getting dressed. At about 11:00, I could see the girls were restless. They really wanted to go somewhere. I was up for a little adventure, but where to go? I had a few ideas, but I was having trouble making a decision-beach, Irvine park pony rides, zoo....

So I just packed up our lunches, and we hit the road. They kept asking where we were going, and I just told them it was a surprise. In reality, I really wasn't totally sure myself.

We ended up at the Discovery Science Museum. And we even got in half price! I've never been there before and had no idea what to expect. I wasn't sure if they would be too young to appreciate it, but we all really loved it. The exhibits are so interactive and interesting.

Their favorite was this chair on a pulley system. They sat in the chair and pulled a rope to raise themself up about 15 feet in the air. They felt so strong and brave. I think they did it five times.

Happy Tuesday, Friends. What were you up to today?


Winnie the *&#@

Sweetie: (Running out of her bedroom) MOOOOOOOM! Cutie said a BAD word.

Me: Really?

Sweetie: Yes! She said a POTTY word!

Me: Oh, What did she say?

Sweetie: A REALLY BAD potty word!!!

Cutie: (Running out of her bedroom)I said, "Winnie the POOH!"

Me and Matt: (Laughing) It's okay to say Poo when you're talking about Winnie.


Happy Fourth of July

I know, it's the tenth of July. But it's summer, so if I'm less than a week behind schedule, then I'm still on schedule.

So, Happy Independence Day!

Here are some pictures of our Little Cutie Pies gazing at fireworks for the FIRST time. I think I was watching them more than the show.

Isn't it sweet to experience things through the eyes of children?


Who Needs Clothes Anyway?

We haven't gone anywhere today.

Not the hardware store, or the grocery store, or the library like I planned. Not our friend's house for lunch either.

We haven't left the house because Little Sweetie doesn't want to wear clothes. She got dressed, but she didn't stay dressed because she didn't like the way her clothes felt.

We go through this every morning, but this morning was particularly intense. Lots of crying and writhing in pain. She didn't like the way the seams felt in her underarms or the buttons on the back of her neck. She just wanted to wear her undies.

So we stayed home. We played hide and seek, made homemade strawberry ice cream, and I cleaned, all while being undressed. Well, two of us were dressed, the other not.

It was good to stay home. I think we all needed a day to just be home and be mellow and hang out in our undies.


I can bring home the bacon

fry it up in a pan.

And all in my swimsuit.


I'm really inspired by

this project.
"A Guy Named Dave" is trying to whittle down his personal belongings to only 100 items.

100 items doesn't go very far if I start counting each pair of pants, each pair of shoes, each shirt, each piece of jewelry, jacket, hat, pair of sunglasses, belt, swimsuit, sweater, scarf, socks, etc....

It inspires me to pare down, think about what I can live without, and buy less stuff.

So if you see me wearing the same outfit four days a week, you'll know why.

photo by theogeo


The Central Coast

is truly our getaway.

I first spent time there with Matt on our one-year anniversary. It was lovely. I wanted to go back every year. And we have-sometimes more than once a year.

I love the cooler weather, the rocky beaches, the rollings hills and japanese pine trees, the delicious restaurants, and having my sister's family there.
I can't wait to go back!
Oh, and yes, my girl's wearing her leotard to the beach. That's what she wanted to wear. So I thought, "Why not?"


Show Week at Gymnastics

I know, I know...they are WAY TOO cute!