Happy Fourth of July

I know, it's the tenth of July. But it's summer, so if I'm less than a week behind schedule, then I'm still on schedule.

So, Happy Independence Day!

Here are some pictures of our Little Cutie Pies gazing at fireworks for the FIRST time. I think I was watching them more than the show.

Isn't it sweet to experience things through the eyes of children?


Nyla said...

We love 4th of July! Your cuties look like they liked it too!

We used your lemonade idea today! It was so yummy! I found Levi and Madison outside picking hte lemons off the tree this am. So, I pulled up your blog and we all made lemonade! The kids want to do it again...it was so yummy! Chloe is going to blog the pictures!

Lisa Leonard said...

gree-it's more fun watching the kids! great pics.

Carolina Mama said...

So true!!! Love your Sunset at Cambria. Gorgeous shots and the post on the day at home in undies. We just had what we call 'Home Day" and the boys were in their pjs. I was tempted to go out to 'pick up a fun lunch.' The Tigers just wanted PBJ. ;)

Stephanie said...

I agree! I think it's more fun watching our kids watch the fireworks, and hearing what they have to say, than it is watcing them myself.

Happy 4th!