Dedicating the Girls

What a special Mother's Day.
My very first.
We went in front of our congregation at church this morning to dedicate ourselves and the girls to the Lord.
This is not for the purpose of salvation, but to commit ourselves to raise the girls to respect and honor God and to love and serve Jesus Christ.
Our amazing pastor prayed for all of us. Our families were there to celebrate with us.
It was wonderful. I am a blessed mother. I am so grateful.


Matthew Rouse said...

What a special day!

Cathi Hamen said...

soooooo special!! i am glad i could witness it today... and to see you grow as a mom and family.. thank you for sharing your family with me and mine! Happy Mothers Day my friend!

Nyla said...

Happy Mother's Day Chrissie! Congrats again on being a mom...you are a great one! :)

Rachel Shoemaker said...

It was so beautiful... Happy first mothers day!

Denise said...

Happy Mother's Day!
what a wonderful way to celebrate it, committing your lives as parents to God.
Your girls are beautiful.
i enjoy your blog. you have so much grace as a mommy, and seem to enjoy
the moments you are given (i see this in your sister' s blog too).

Monique said...

Soooo Sweet! Happy first Mother's Day! Very special day.

Lisa Leonard said...

this is so exciting and special. i love you guys!!

Ellen said...

What a great day! I am glad we packed out the church with love and support for your family. The girls did not know whose lap to sit on--there were so many loving family members wanting to spend time with them.

Shan said...

I'm so sorry I missed this special event! I love you guys and am praying for your new family all the time! (it was probably better that I was not there because the cuties would have wanted to sit on my lap to - hee hee) XOXO

The Schmidt Family said...

Wow, Chrissie! The picture brought tears to my eyes....Congratulations!

Cheryl Nesbitt said...

Hi Chrissy,
What a lovely photo...sorry I missed it. I was just under the weather and Gabe had a game...but we sure missed being there. Hope to see you all soon!