Throat + Yodel = Throadel

Throadeling is a rare talent. It is the ability to yodel inside the throat while crying. It takes a lot of practice to master, but I am proud to say that Cutie gets an A+.
We have had many wonderful opportunities to hear her throadeling in the car, especially on long drives. She also has wonderful projection and endurance.
If throadeling were an Olympic sport, she would win the gold.


Smiling Mama said...

Too funny! I can safely say that my 2 year old son would win for screaming. And the best part (!) is that he enjoys it so much so practicing isn't a chore at all!

Rojas' said...

your so funny! My girls would rule the sport of "teenage bickering" XOXO Shan

Cathi Hamen said...

mine the art of fighting just to fight.. their bored!

Sarah Markley said...

two words for you and the cuties (oh, and matt too): HA HA!