Conversations we have on our way to school

Cutie: Are we going to take the freeway?

Me: No, we just drive the streets to school.

Cutie: But I want to take the freeway. I like the freeway.

Me: Why do you like to go on the freeway?

Cutie: uummmmm...because we get to see lots of ferris wheels.

Me: That's true.

Cutie: Are we going to do a U-turn?

Me: No, we are just going to make a left turn here.

Cutie: Why don't we do a U-turn?

Me: Because then we would be going the wrong way.

Cutie: There is the donut shop. See the sign? Can we go to the donut shop?

Me: Not today, we need to get to school.

Cutie: Maybe another day?

Me: Yes, another day.

Cutie: What does donut start with?

Me: d...d...d...donut.

Cutie: "D"

Me: That's right! Very good.

Cutie: Why did you just do a U-turn? Did you go the wrong way?

Me: No, you have to do a U-turn to get into this driveway.

Cutie: Oh.

Cutie: Are you going to stop for an iced tea?

Me: Yep, I gotta have my iced tea.

Cutie: You like iced tea? It's your favorite?

Me: Yep, gotta have my iced tea.

Cutie: Are you chewing gum?

Me: Yes.

Cutie: What color is it?

Me: Yellow.

Cutie: Can I see it?

Me: It's not really a good time because I'm driving.

Cutie: Just show me in the mirror.

Me: I need to watch the road.

Cutie: You have to be careful?

Me: Yes, I don't want to hit any cars.

Cutie: You don't want to smash the new car?

Me: No, I want to keep our new car pretty.

Cutie: Sometimes new cars get smashed.

Me: That's true. That's why I want to be a safe driver.


Sarah Markley said...

Absolutely precious, Chrissie! Love you!

Naomi said...

sound like great fun to get to school.

Ellen said...

Oh, little ones notice just about everything, don't they? It really makes you slow down--sometimes too slow!

Cathi Hamen said...

oh cami, jordi and i are laughing soooooo hard!!!!

i remember my girls doing that!!

Chad Markley said...

Ok, if everyone talked like your kids the world would be fun all the time!