It's Happening

In spite of our weaknesses,
Our inexperienced guesswork
And the dark circles under our eyes
In spite of ourselves
We are falling in love.
Our hearts are melding together.
We are becoming a family.


Carrie Haughey said...

oh! lovely!! I can't wait until we can all "meet" the Cuties on here!!

PS. I have been lurking for a little bit... I go to Grace in SLO :0)

Cathi Hamen said...

oh i know you are when i hear them shout mommy the second they see you.. instead Chrissie mommy!
yeah God is good!

Kelly said...

I am so happy!!!

Lisa Leonard said...

It's beautiful!

Sarah Markley said...

Beautiful. That is what family is!

Ellen said...

So so so good to hear. Forming a new family is a complicated process but I think you and Matt have made it as natural a transition as possible. Can you imagine an immediate home-change? That would be terrifying for a child. Lots of love!

Grace 4 Russia said...

I can't wait til we're officially related!

Love the new blog design. We have those berries in Novo and it really is stunning to see the contrast against the white snow.

Love you!

Naomi said...

yes!!!!!!! you all look so cute together!