The Christian "Act"

I just read an article about Anne Lamott, a Christian author, who writes with unusually, often-offensive, raw honesty.

She says, "There's a lot of pressure within Christian churches to talk about stuff that fits within certain factions that people are part of...It just doesn't help me if people are focused on sounding really good, like they've got their Christian act together, because what they have is an act. I write books where people in them say, "I hate everyone, and I'm not a good forgiver, and I'm in an awful mood, and I'm just going to watch TV, and I don't feel like being friendly to you, and I'm sorry you're having a bad day, but go call someone else."

I tend to agree with Lamott on this. We are all broken and struggling in this dark world. I would love to see the body of believers be more vulnerable, less condemning, and more loving and forgiving, following the example of Jesus Christ.


Lisa Leonard said...

We are all soooo imperfect and broken. we need GOD. i am so broken. yet i am so joyful because i am so loved and forgiven. this is where i live.

Ellen said...

Some acts Christ did were pretty radical (eating with prostitutes!). Anne Lamott definately speaks with a fresh voice and challenges some of our "Christian" thinking.

Matt said...

I'm terrible at the honesty she describes. Reputation... reputation!