Everyone is so worried

about growing old. Growing old means less time to live. Wrinkles around my eyes, stiffer joints, backaches. All reminders of the fleeting quality of life.

So we war against aging. Night creams, hair dye, surgery. But there is no stopping the clock. It speeds forward, racing out of control.

What if gray hair and wrinkles signified the beginning of life, rather than the end? Maybe we'd all be dyeing our hair white and putting on wrinkle-deepening cream.

Actually, for the Christian, death is the beginning of life.

I'm beginning to understand this. I've caught a tiny glimpse. I want to believe this more.
Maybe I'll go dye my hair white.


Lisa Leonard said...

so true! love that pic. thanks for your insight. if you dye your hair white, i wil...on second thought, no i won't :)

Sarah Markley said...

Amazing thoughts, Chrissie. I know people who are paralyzed with fear about aging. It stops them from being inside today. I don't want to be like that.

Robin said...

I put "it" in Matt's box yesterday. So you should get it today then!

Your latest post could potentially be the downfall of botox you know. They'll be calling you up any day now!

Cathi Hamen said...

thank you for your thoughts! i needed that! I usually am so grounded & i can separate workout from real life .. wrok out relax & eat what want, not obsessed.. but lately i just want results and today I was bummed about not getting any. I caught myself thinking this way & getting down, I had to asked God to change my heart to eternal things not the temporary. Why is this a constant reminder for me? I want my eyes on the future with Christ.. he doesnt care if i am not 10 lbs lighter!!!!!! thnx friend now we need to get GS!
Amen Chrissie thank you for your perspective that hit me so well!

Robin said...

I'm glad you liked the book! Thought it was fitting for the time... and you!