Is it possible

to have world peace?

Last night I discussed this question with a friend. It was fairly intense. We didn't really come to any sort of agreement. But I'm still thinking about it, so here are my thoughts:

This world is a fallen place. Each one of us is affected by disease, disaster, and disappointment. There is hunger, homelessness and war. But this darkness and brokenness is not just all around us, it is within our very souls.

So we war against it. We feed the hungry, house the homeless, educate, medicate, imprison, fund good causes, volunteer. And all of these things are good and necessary.

So are we making progress? Are things getting better?

The dead cannot save the dying. The fallible, feeble human efforts cannot begin to touch the despair in this world.

And this is the gospel. That while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. He shed his own blood to pay for our sin. The darkness of this world demonstrates that this is not our home. We will not find peace in this world. But praise God, we can find peace with Him, and that is everlasting.


Kelly said...

I love your 30 day challenge! It's like you are making yourself accountable to the whole Blogsphere. he he he. Great motivation!

Lisa Leonard said...

go for it with the workouts---that is great!! i agree, this world is broken and we might be able to make it better, but we can't fix it.

Katie said...

Work it out Chrissie! :)

Ellen said...

The fact that we cannot even have peace within our own families tells me we will never have peace with the whole world. Unfortunately conflict is part of our existence on earth. We misunderstand, defend our pride, and seek more and more and more. Heck! I'm at war with myself all the time!

michele said...

I like the "30" theme (30 days, 30 push-ups...). Maybe you should bump it up to 30 miles/day too! =)

Cathi Hamen said...

Hey Chrissie.. I think you should you should try the boot camp on tuesday morning with me and get 2 30 minute workouts in one day!
Go Girl!
King & I on tuesday night! and swim on friday!