I feel a little blue today. Just so stuck in this waiting time. I decided to try to push through anyway and be productive. So I hit the grocery store, did a bunch of laundry, and I've been filing our stacks and stacks of bills and paperwork. Went to Staples and bought three plastic file bins and two packs of file folders. It's already been probably 4 hours and I'm still not done. But I have made serious progress.

Now I'm organized and a little less blue. :)

The highlight was definitely dinner with Cathi and the family at King and I. Lots of laughs and good conversation. Love you guys so much!


Cathi Hamen said...

OOOHH AAAH We always love our time with you two also! We are soo excited for the neat changes God is bringing into your life we are praying for your hearts and lives right now!
Dinner was so YUMMY as usua; at the King & I.
My girls adore you both, Jordi does way down deep hahhaha inside joke.
love you snugs, cant wait to hang on friday at the beach. if you want to drive with us let me know we can pick you and get GS after the beach!!
just think all that filing you are one ahead of my list I keep avoiding the file cabinet, its amazing how there is always something else to take me away!! you are an inspiration to get mine done!!

Sarah Markley said...

keep up the workouts, chrissie! you are an inspiration to me (trying to 30 pushups is a pain!)

Robin said...

I have something for you! I have to go to an Angel's game with the JH today, but if you are about tomorrow, I'll swing it by. Or if Matt's in the office today, I'll drop it off with him. Something to ease through the "waiting time."

Ellen said...

There's nothing like organization to brighten your day! I've been doing a little re-organization myself. It's so exciting and fun.

katie said...

Organize girl! :)
Check out my new blog: web.mac.com/katie_hutch
Love ya!

Lisa Leonard said...

come file my papers PLEEEASE!! xoxo