The world would be a better place if

all paperwork was properly filed.

As you might remember, I have been filing everything, and I'm very proud of myself!

But today I wanted to file in style. Yes, I know I'm rhyming.
Anyways, I decoupaged the front of some boring file folders. I think they turned out fun.

These folders hold the myriad of forms we are filling out to be foster parents. It's a little overwhelming, but now at least I have a better idea of what we've done and what we have left to do.
Also, Katie found this new magazine that I cannot wait to get. Thanks fellow organizer!

Do you have any organizing strategies or tips? Please share.


Ellen said...

Hold me back! A magazine titled Organize? I just might have to subscribe.

Sarah Markley said...

When's your post on boot camp. I am so so curious and want to go!

michele said...

That magazine looks like something I need. Or, could I just take you instead? Please, come organize my life!!! Maybe you could come over one day before school starts and give me some tips. I'm trying to organize our bedroom this month.

Cathi Hamen said...

oooh i like Sarah she wants to join us at boot camp!!!!

way to go organization girl... My files need it! I need to color code and get some special file boxes for the kids memorable school things and amazing report cards! wink wink!
love you Chrissie.. i hope you arent too sore and join me again soon at boot camp!
ps i blogged this am!

Robin said...

Ooooo... I want that magazine!