Just resting

I just woke up from a long Sunday nap. Truly, is there anything better?
It was so necessary and so restful.

Oh lazy, lazy.
I also just bought this print on etsy. So sweet. Maybe for the girls' room?


Ellen said...

Sunday naps are my absolute favorite. No, there isn't anything better (although chocolate chip cookies may come in a close second). Very nice print.

Sarah Markley said...

This is so beautiful and airy...I love it and it conveys such peace.

Lisa Leonard said...

i took a three hour nap today! it was so nice. love the print.

Cathi Hamen said...

hmmmm naps are great... I dont get many these days but i try! i think i max out at about 15min until Jordi comes in to jump on me!!
love the print!!

Bethany said...

Cute print!!

Thanks for talking to me tonight, Chrissie....I really appreciated it!

Have a wonderful week~