We had an absolutely amazing time!

Wow, wow, wow!
These girls are just so incredibly fun and so sweet. We had a great time at the park. They went to bed easily and we didn't hear from them until 7:20 this morning. Of course, I checked on them every hour, so I barely got any sleep. I was so nervous they would wake up and be scared. But they made it!
This morning we woke up and made chocolate chip pancakes together. They were very helpful. They also made their beaded necklaces this morning. They worked so hard. The necklaces came out darling. The sleepover was a huge success!

Things I learned:

  • There will be more fingerprints and beads and pieces of toys and sand around the house than I can possibly keep up with. I'm going to have to chill out. Enjoying the girls is more important than keeping the house picture perfect.

  • I have to figure out when to brush my own teeth, take a shower, and do the dishes. Moms, when do you do those things?

  • Being a mom is exhausting. It's constant. Fun, and worth it, but exhausting.


Lisa Leonard said...

once they get more comfortable, you'll be able to pop a video in and hop in the shower. i leave the bathroom door open and my boys some in and chat sometimes :)

also, my dustbuster and wipes are my best friends!

Joy said...

How fun... what a great thing for you to do. You will have such joy.

Stephanie said...

Awesome! And to be honest - sometimes you don't get a shower! Ha! I agree that wipes are one of the best things to have around with kiddos!

Sarah Markley said...

wow wow wow! I love it that you are doing this. What a great thing (i don't have words). Its going to be a wild ride!!!!

Robin said...

Sounds like you had fun. I am so happy for you!

Ellen said...

Going from zero to two kids is a huge change. I just spent three days with David and Matthias and I'm exhausted. I love time with my nephews but it's good to get back to my quiet life. I'm so glad it went well. Hang in there!

Cathi Hamen said...

You will be great... but it will be a definite whirlwind effect for awhile (maybe until 18..??????)
I echo the wipes and quick vacuum.. swifter too! anything fast..
Now do you see why i have to workout at 5:30 AM??? otherwise there would be NO workout for mommy and right now that really gives me the time i need so i can the mommy they need!
love you!