Shopping with Twins

To the car, in the car,
Buckle them up
Huge, unwieldy shopping cart
Pink and purple raincoats for fall
Pinched finger {{{screaming}}}
Socks and swimsuits,
Shoes and jammies
Wet pants...oops!
Singing Row, Row Row Your Boat
and B-I-N-G-O
To the car, in the car
Buckle them up
Chocolate milk and applesauce
French fries and
Four more trips to the bathroom
Hand-holding and hugs
Giggles and kisses
To the car, in the car
Buckle them up
Into the driveway, through the door
Collapse on the couch


Karyn said...

Remember me from "recipe club"? I linked on to your blog from Lisa's. Between updates from her and reading your blog, I am somewhat up to date on your adventure with the girls. How wonderful for everyone!!! I am really happy for you!

Cathi Hamen said...

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! Welcome to mommy hood my sweet friend!! The seat belt thing happens to us all.
My love, friendship, prayers, thoughts, laughter, support and a shoulder to rest or cry on is always here for you!
I can't wait to see the raincoats at school!!
Sleep Tight my dear!

Robin said...

you sound like a good mommy already

Joy said...

LOL... that is too cute.

Sarah Markley said...

You make me tear up! Wow...the joy of it all! What an amazing adventure!

Ellen said...

Wow Chrissie! Loved the poem. Sounds like an eventful, yet typical, day with twins.

Lisa Leonard said...

Buckling them in is a full-time job, I agree!

Rojas' said...

ohhh welcome to my world! I remember those days all to well - such great but exhuasting memories :} Still praying............Shan