My list for today

  • tutor-analyzing poetry a
  • lunch with Robin :) a
  • bake a cake for Bryce a
  • vacuum a
  • call preschool to schedule tour a
  • home inspection with foster agency a
  • read 7 Laws of Teaching-I have to finish it by Thursday for teaching seminar
  • birthday dinner for Bryce

What are you doing today?


Lisa Leonard said...

Clean House so House Keeper can come--counter-intutitive??
Get boys ready for sitter-dressed, fed, lunched packed
Go to Dr. appt.
Sit in car alone and think (ie. downtime)
Eat lunch and shop a little
Pick boys up
Read Books
Nap time (ie. work, play online, be in denial about all the things I have to do!!)
Pay Bills
Hang out with Family

Robin said...

have lunch with Chrissie.... thanks for chatting. Sorry if it was a bit heavy. I realized after that you have a lot going on, so perhaps I should have kept our convo light. Sorry.

Ellen said...

You've got a lot going on. Since it's summer I try to only have one major thing a day, the rest of the time I run errands, read, relax, and eat chocolate chip cookies. My major thing today--take Grandma to the grocery store.

chrissie said...

I loved our lunch together! It is so easy to talk to you. I'd rather have real conversation than fluffy chit chat.

Kelly said...

visit VBS at church
unpack from our trip to Maui
update blog
mail thank you letters
catch up on Big Brother
go to the grocery store
cook dinner

I would love to see you soon and talk about all the exciting things going on in your life right now. Call me.