Wonderful Winter

I don't know when the first official day of winter begins. It's not even Thanksgiving yet, but it's starting to get a little colder and the Christmas decorations are out in the stores and there is that buzz in the air.
Yay for:
  • cold night walks around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights
  • warm cups of cocoa by the fireplace
  • wrapping Christmas gifts with red paper, twine, and handmade tags
  • cuddling in bed just a little longer because it's so warm and cozy
  • opening the doors on the advent calendar starting December first
  • Remembering our Savior's birth and why he came


Lisa Leonard said...

It feels like the holidays have started already! So fun.

michele said...

It is so hot today out here in good ol' La Mirada! No signs of winter here Oh, except the gingerbread and peppermint lattes at Starbucks. Yum!

Sarah Markley said...

Too bad the Santa Anas made their way over today! =(

Alaina said...

Yay for all of these things!! I love this time of year. I love everything Christmas too! John and I are going Christmas decoration shopping this weekend, and can't wait to put it all up in our new place! I also love it getting cooler outside. I especially love the fact that I can wear my jackets.

Rojas' said...

You are going to have the best holiday season yet!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for your new adventures :} XOXO

Dan said...

The first day of winter is December 22 this year. It's called Winter Solistice, the shortest day of the year.

Carrie Haughey said...

There was all Christmas music in Mervyns today... but 77 degrees outside. Not right. I had a peppermint Mocha at Starbucks on Sunday, that's my favorite start of the season, seasonal drinks at Starbucks!!