I woke up this morning

to the sound of Gracie spitting out mouthfuls of her own fur.

A trip to the vet, a shave, an injection, two perscriptions, and $229 dollars later, our little dog is doing just fine.

Poor baby! How humiliating.


Lisa Leonard said...

Oh Gracie! no fun.

Rachel Shoemaker said...

Poor Gracie!

michele said...

Gracie is so sweet but it's hard for me to imagine spending $229 on all that. Guess I'm just not a dog person!!

I miss you! Let's connect soon!

Ellen said...

Gracie! Don't eat your own fur. Eat the couch or the rug instead. =)

Sarah Markley said...

Woww....sorry. I once spent 500 on a cat that ended up dying anyway. Oh well.