Strawberry Lip Gloss and Chocolate Donuts

Me: When we get to church you can have a donut.

Cuties: We can have a donut at church?

Me: Yes.

Cuties: I love donuts.

Me: Yum, me too!

Cuties: I love church.

Me: Ok, it's time to go.

Cuties: Where is my lipstick? {Lipsmackers lip gloss}

Me: I put it in my purse. You can put it on in the car.

Cuties: {Getting in the car} Can I put on my lipstick now?

Me: Let me get you buckled in first.

Cuties: Can I put on my lipstick now?

Me: Ok, but just a little. You don't need to put it on over and over again.

{Continuous lipstick application all the way to church}

Me: Ok, let's go get a donut and then go to class.

Cuties: Wait, I need to put on more lipstick.

Me: Alright, but hurry or all the donuts will be gone.

{Arrival at donut table}

Me: Oh no, all the donuts are gone.

Cuties: All gone?

Me: I guess we'll have to go to the donut shop after church.

Cuties: {with disappointment shining in their eyes and glitter gloss shining on their lips} alright.


Rojas' said...

so cute.

Sarah Markley said...

be very glad it was lipstick application and not nail polish.

Lisa Leonard said...

such girlie girls!!

Naomi said...

to much lipstick means no donuts!

Denise said...

this makes me smile. every sunday my girls have to pick a purse and lip gloss to take. as they play with their dollies i tell them they are mine,as it is so fun to play with them and dress them up.