Miss Caffee

The girls favorite thing to play right now is "Miss Caffee" aka Mrs. Cathi, their preschool teacher.

This involves sitting up high, like on the arm of the couch, legs crossed, a pile of books in hand, and a spoon from their teaset to serve as a pen.
Here is the way you play:

Say, "Good afternoon girls and boys. Let's see...today's super helper is..."
(usually Me or Gracie.) Then we get a nametag.
After that we receive our stickers and sometimes we get to go to the treasure box.
But sometimes we have to wait until next time.
Once we get our treasure, we are instructed to put it in our bucket.

As you can tell, they love school and adore their teacher. I'm so glad they are happy and learning so much!

Thanks, Cathi!


Ellen said...

Sweeties! The highest form of flattery is imitation. I'm glad they are learners. Hopefully their preschool experience will ignite a fire for knowledge.

Cathi Hamen said...
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Cathi Hamen said...

I love it. and I love those girls. I am so blessed to teach them!! They are soo much fun and learning so much already!!
Thank you M & C!
ps does matt ever get to be super helper or maybe caboose????

Sarah Markley said...

I love watching kids make up games! So cute!

The Schmidt Family said...

Very cute! Madison loves to tell me all the little stories you tell about the girls. She gives me "updates." Speaking of updates, I finally added a new post. :)

Lisa Leonard said...

So cute! Girls play so different than boys. I love it!!