A 3-year-old's thoughts

Background: During our family devotions we have been learning how God made all things for his own glory.

While eating pancakes and watching Thomas and Friends this morning:

Cutie: God made TV.

Me: {Smiling} Yep.


Ellen said...

Hmmm...did God make TV? Well, he made people and people made TV. So, I guess, indirectly God made TV. However, TV does not glorify him most of the time...

chrissie said...

I think God created our minds and gave us the materials to invent. God is the great Inventor, the first Inventor.

We all know there is a lot of garbage on TV. And although God did not create sin, His goodness and purity are amplified by it, so it brings glory to Him as well.

Did God create TV?-ultimately, yes.
Is God glorified by TV?-ultimately, yes.

Cathi Hamen said...

good answer mommy!

Sarah Markley said...

Too cute, Chrissie! I think the point here is that her little mind was working well; and as soon as she saw something she thought was good and fun, the first thing she thought was that God made it. Very good! Its important we teach our children basics like this!