Two Little Girls

If there were
25 hours in the day
there still wouldn't be enough time

If there were
27 letters in the alphabet
there still wouldn't be the right words

If there were
89 keys on the piano
there still wouldn't be the perfect song

If there were
101 pennies in a dollar
There still wouldn't be a suitable gift

To express to you
how very much I adore you
and how overwhelmingly grateful I am to know you


Lisa Leonard said...

that is so beautiful. it's overwhelming, isn't it?!

Ellen said...

Is this an original poem? It's lovely. I'm quite impressed by the writing you've done on your blog. Like I tell my students, when you are passionate about a topic, your writing is vivid and descriptive.

Kelly said...

so beautiful, chrissie!!!

Danielle said...

This is so precious!!

Cathi Hamen said...