A Museum, An Accident and A Movie

We had fun with my mom and sister, Ellen, at the children's museum. The girls drove a bus, rode on the carousel, played dress up, played the piano and climbed in the tree house. Then we all met my dad for lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory. Yum.

Afterwards, we took naps and then Matt watched the girls so I could go get a pedicure. So wonderful. I did feel a little lonely without them.

Matt and I were just sitting on the couch talking after putting the girls to bed. We heard the sound of liquid hitting the tile and both of our eyes got bigger. Yep, one of them didn't quite make it to the toilet. Sigh. It's cleaned up now and they are both back in bed.

Now it's quiet again and Matt and I are going to watch the documentary Grey Gardens about the eccentric aunt and cousin of Jackie Kennedy. Oh, and eat chocolate ice cream too.

What have you been up to today?


Lisa Leonard said...

Sounds like a fun day--I wish I could have played, too! HUGS!!!

Jill Duarte said...

It was supposed to be a day of cleaning the house and grocery shopping. After a crazy busy week that is exactly what my home needed. What I needed was a play day! So with Mike working all day I took the kids to Irvine Park for a great day of fun! It was a surprise to them, and since I'm a "spur-of-the-moment" kinda gal...it was a surprise to me too that we ended up there. We went to the zoo, played in the maze, climbed on pumpkins, rode the horses, and on and on. Everyone collapsed when we got home. Mike was a little sad when he heard how much fun we had...without him :-( So tomorrow will be an extra busy day of cleaning and shopping!