Things that make me laugh

  • Listening to Matt laugh while he watches "Seinfeld" episodes for the 14th time. Right now he's all by himself in the other room, cracking up.
  • When the girls play "Make Up" and color their faces with marker. I was perturbed, but I had to laugh.
  • When the girls dress up like fairy princesses and then go about their very serious business of playing. Why should it seem strange that they are wearing wings or high heels?
  • Greg and Michele Stump-they both have such a quick wit. The four of us can sit around for hours talking and laughing. I think we are do for an evening like that soon.
  • The Office-crazy funny. Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute. So loveable, so clueless.
  • My sisters. We can take a funny moment and replay it for hours. It never stops being funny. And we never let each other live anything down.
  • When Matt teases me. He told me my new haircut looks like I backed up into a fan. I laughed so hard because he's right!

What makes you laugh?


Lisa Leonard said...

I love to laugh with you, sis! The office hilarious. i am totally addicted. can't wait to hang out with you!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah Markley said...

I hardly think you backed up into a fan. We love the office too. Usually its me who is cracking up by myself while Chad is working in the other room. Andy Bernard is my new favorite...."break me off a piece of that....Kit kat bar..."!

michele said...

Awww, shucks...you make us laugh, too! It would be great to get together soon.
I loved the last episode of The Office and the one where Jim and Pam go to Dwight's farm ("We have 3 themed rooms...America, Irrigation, and Nightime...")

Rojas' said...

my girls totally used to do that - but not only with markers - their favorite thing to do was get into my purse with all the different lipsticks and color themselves and the walls - not fun to get off paint!!! And I think you all have convinced me to watch the office!!

Cathi Hamen said...

The office is pretty funny.. korny too.. but who doesnt need a little korny in their life!

I can watch friends re-runs over and over again and laugh hysterically!! that joey!!

My girls did the lipstick thing on their faces.. always the good one too.

hey heres an idea for saturday morning fun: get water colors out, put an old tshirt or a paint smock on the girls set a portable mirror at a covered table... put paint and a brush in fornt of each of you all of you yes matt too! and paint your own faces! you and matt will have a design and the girls will end up with a mess of color but the ywill have sooo much fun!! Then strike a pose!!! & blog it of course! this was my favortie thing to do with my my babysitter and my brother!! great pics!
i havent done this lately but it might be in order!

another idea: make your own plates.. we will have you over for this we have the whole kit and we send it in.. and viola!!

make the girls toast... mix food coloring with h2o and give the girls a brush and let them paint their toast and eat it tooo!
love ya girl!
how did it go today?????

Jill Duarte said...

I'm so lame. I totally laugh out loud at America's Funniest Videos.

And Megan is making me laugh right now. She is so serious sometimes and it cracks me up because "hello - she's 3" what does she have to be serious about. She has a great vocabulary, but I laugh so hard at her cute babyish way of saying things like applegoose (applejuice), stong and mart (strong and smart), gump (jump), nakes and wizzards (snakes and lizards) and I could go on and on. What's funny is that if I copy her and say something like "yes you are stong and mart!" she's like, "what are you saying? I didn't say stong and mart...I said (more slowly now) STONG and MART!" Makes me laugh every time!

Over the weekend Cecelia used a blue sharpie marker on her face to turn herself into an Indian. This was done right before we were leaving for dinner...I didn't laugh.

ps-glad things went well with your interview. we're praying for you!