Things I have resorted to to keep the girls awake in the car until we get home for nap time so they will actually sleep, so I can actually sleep, even

though they find me extremely irritating.
  • singing the days of the week at the top of my lungs
  • doing fishy faces at red lights
  • fake sneezing over and over
  • making up cheers for them
  • giving them gum or a lollipop
  • talking incessantly bridges, trees, and airplanes out the window
  • shaking and tapping their feet
  • asking them questions about the ABCs or Miss Cathi
  • dancing with my upper body including lots of snapping and clapping
  • making up stories that include loud noises-like BONK, ZAP, BOOM

I know it's pitifully strange that I'm willing to make a fool of myself and endure their scornful looks and bitter comments like, "Don't talk, Chrissie!" "Stop being so noisy!" "I don't like that song!" But those two hours of quiet naptime are precious.

And the fishy faces made them laugh pretty hard.


Ellen said...

It's so funny that when kids catnap in the car, they will not nap at home. I, on the other hand, will nap any time any place. I love to sleep. I wish I could capture all those squandered naps from my childhood and have them now.

Lisa Leonard said...

Yes, it's amazing what we'll do when we're desperate, eh? we do a lot of rolling down the windows, singing and just mainly annoying the kids. :)

Sarah Markley said...

Naptime is always precious! I love it. I do all sorts of silly things...food sometimes works too! I recently gave Naomi a whole bag of french fries to keep her alert...it worked!

Amanda said...

Hi Chrissie! I found your blog via Lisa's. I love hearing your stories. Nap time IS precious and I've done all of the things you've mentioned just to get home. Neither of my kids could be transported from car to nap.

Rojas' said...

Ahhh naptime, sometimes I have to do those silly things by myself to make me not fall asleep while driving!! :} People really think Im weird then!!!