My Brilliant Idea

In my head, taking Alfred (the dog on the left) to the vet this morning, with the girls didn't look quite so chaotic.
I thought, "We always have extra time on our hands in the morning. Why not get Alfred's vaccines up to date?"

Well, trying to get two three-year-olds and a rascally dog in the car, out of the car, and into the vet's office is no small feat.

Alfred peed four-yes four-times in the waiting room. And one of the girls also had a bathroom accident.

Oh, and did I mention that the girls are afraid of Alfred? They won't get anywhere near him.

Yeah, good fun.

In other dog news, Lulu (the dog on the right) has gone to a better place. No, not that place. She has gone to live on a farm in Visalia.

We just didn't feel completely confident in Lulu's social skills. I don't know, maybe the constant barking, growling and snapping had something to do with it. We miss her a little. Just a little.


Robin said...

That must have been hard to let her go. But if trading a puppy means getting two little girls... I think Lulu will understand.

Naomi said...

What about Gracy? she feels left out

Rojas' said...

Wow that sounds like fun!!! Your crazy girl, somethings are better done alone - the vet, the grocery store, the bank, the obgyn. hee hee

Lisa Leonard said...

chalk it up to a learning experience. great photo of the dogs. i love you times a million!

Sarah Markley said...

too funny! good job, mama.