Our Crazy Clan

  • I am married to the man of my dreams. I knew he was wonderful when I met him, but everyday I learn more about who he is, fall more in love, and thank God that he brought us together.
  • My three best friends are my sisters. When the four of us get together, which isn't very often, we make a scene everywhere we go. Our curls alone are pretty obnoxious.
  • Twins are more common than single births in our family. There are three sets of twins among my siblings, my brother has twin girls, and we are hoping to adopt twin girls. That's five sets of twins. If you didn't get that, I'll draw you a diagram sometime.
  • My Dad is the most intelligent person I know, and my Mom is the most generous person I know. They are so loving and supportive.
  • My Grandma is a woman of prayer. She listens well and gives great advice. She is so sweet and loving. I want to be like her.


Lisa Leonard said...

our family is crazy, but so fun! i love you!!!!!!

Ellen said...

Your post today is so beautiful; it brought tears to my eyes. I wish I could be a part of such an amazing family--wait! I am. What a blessing.