Happy New Year


A brand new year, a fresh page, a blank slate. So many possibilities, so many memories to be made.

I love new beginnings.

This year I want to let things be messy.

One of my weaknesses is to try to control my environment so that everything is perfect. It's obviously an impossibly overwhelming, energy-draining, never-ending endeavor. While I know this, I continue to strive and fret when things don't fit the way I think they should.

So extra pounds, dirty laundry, disappointment, uncertainty, whatever, I just want to be where I am, and let it be what it is.


Karyn said...

That's a great resolution. I am trying to be calmer about things too. As far as the house goes, people know that if they come by before 2:00 (when the kids go down for a nap) they are going to see a mess. I have times during the day that I try ti have the house tidy, but to have it continuously clean all day is impossible for me too!

Lisa Leonard said...

let it be chaotic and crazy. it's ok. i love you!!

Solidia said...

I couldn't have put it better myself! That is exactly how I want 2008 to be.

Hey, I love your blog and I like reading about your family. Too sweet!

Rojas' said...

Happy New Year my friend!! And I learned this lesson along time ago - as a matter of fact I have two little signs hanging in my entry way (more for me then any one else) One says "I cleaned the house yesterday - sorry you missed it!" and the other one says "Please excuse the noise and the mess.... the kids are busy making happy memories!" love ya XOXO

Cathi Hamen said...

Amen shannon!

Yeah for letting go!!
Happy New Year sweet Rouse Family!!!!!!

grey like snuffie said...

Not very often, because I'm pretty low key and flow with whatever---but every once in a while I have the NEED to clean and put all in order. It makes me feel better when there are so many other things that I can't control that are shaking my world. Better to love than to be in control---it's highly overrated, I'm learning. :)

Anonymous said...

Reading your blog is like a breath of fresh air. Thanks for putting into words what I'm feeling!
I need to be ok with "going with the flow".
You rock!

Sarah Markley said...

I wholeheartedly agree!