Before Church this Morning

Cutie: My oowie really hurts. I fell at the park yesterday with Auntie Ellen. It really hurts.

Me: Oh no, I'm sorry. Where is it? (Nothing is visible to the human eye.) Hmmm, yeah, that looks like an oowie.

Cutie: I can't put it in the bathtub, because it hurts.

Me: Okay, we'll be careful.

Cutie: (After bathtime) I need a bandaid for my oowie.

Me: Here's a bandaid. Where is your oowie? Right there?

Cutie: No, right there.

Me: Right here?

Cutie: No, right THERE.

Me: Ahhh, yes. Right HERE.

Cutie: Yes.

Me: Okay, let me put the bandaid on. Alright, I think you're all set.

Cutie: (five minutes later) Hey, you put the bandaid in the wrong spot. My oowie is right here.

Me: Oops, I'm sorry. Oh well, we'll get it next time.

Cutie: (Contentedly leaving the bandaid where it is already placed.) Yeah, we'll get it next time.


Lisa Leonard said...

The power of a bandaid (or bandage as matty calls them)...

Ellen said...

those owies can be serious business. You gotta get the band-aid in the right spot! When my students complain of not feeling well, I tell them to put a wet paper towel on it. It's amazing what cures come about. I think kids just want to do something to make themselves feel better.

grey like snuffie said...

hehe--I declare that you have mothering down---you got it. Well done.

Naomi said...

Hum i need a band aid right here

Robin said...

So cute! I love it.

Sarah Markley said...

I love this! I'm so glad you have cuties to put bandaids on. =)