And then the conversation started to spin out of control

Gracie has yet another medical issue. I won't go into detail, but it has to do with her anal glands. Not cute. So we were at the vet again today, getting yet another perscription. I brought the girls with me so Matt could get some work done at home.

Here's what we chatted about as the vet did his work on Gracie's rear.

Cutie: Why is there a light switch?

Me: So you can turn the lights on and off.

Cutie: When do they turn the lights off?

Me: At night, when all the doctors go home to their night night beds.

Cutie: What color is the doctor's bed?

Doctor: Ummmm, I guess it's brown wood.

Cutie: What color is your blanket?

Doctor: My blanket is gold.

Cutie: What color is your house?

Doctor: My house is gold too.

Cutie: Can I come over to your house?

Me: (interjecting) I think the doctor would probably like his privacy.

Doctor: (graciously) You'd probably have fun at my house, because we have lots of dogs.

Me: Alright girls, we'd better get going. Have a great day, Doctor.


Lisa Leonard said...

Remeber when it was so easy to make new friends?? Love you girls!!!

Sarah Markley said...

Hmmm - gold house with a gold blanket... sounds a little iffy!

Anonymous said...

At least Gracie does not have poo poo in the pants! ;) Miss you guys! We need to get together real soon!
love, the Smiths! :)
PS~ loved the wedding card!