Let's Party

The girls are cozily tucked into their beds now and this house is quiet after a very busy, silly day.

We had family over to celebrate the girls' birthdays, and WAS it ever a party.

pink balloons + delicious cupcakes + huge bounce house + a new dollhouse + pretty dresses + lots of people who love you =

two happy, exhausted, 4-year-old girlie girls.


Lisa Leonard said...

It was wonderful! And we had two very exhausted boys (and mommy and daddy!) xoxoxoxooxo

Naomi said...

birthday fun is the very best

Grace 4 Russia said...

i wish we could've been there...but not as much as a little nearly-four-years-old-herself girl around these parts.

i'm proud of you.

Sarah Markley said...

Oh, and I am proud of you too! Sounds like so much fun! I'm glad you had a great time.