Hurried Woman Syndrome

I was just reading about this actual medical condition that occurs in women who rush around day after day, doing too much, too fast, for too long and neglect to rest and take care of themselves.
The symptoms of Hurried Woman Syndrome are high stress and anxiety, physical exhaustion, mild depression, weight gain, low self-esteem, and digestive disorders.

Sound familiar?

It seems to me that our culture puts many expectations on us, but we put even more pressure on ourselves by constantly comparing ourselves to each other. It's a never-ending-self-defeating-uphill battle this trying to "have it all together."

I struggle with trying to do everything and do it perfectly and do it right now. But, I'm proud to say, I have made some deliberate life changes in the past couple years because I realized how exhausted and miserable I was becoming. Over time, I have been intentional about drastically reducing my commitments and simplifying my home and slowing down.

So, I was thinking through what I did today. How much of it was REALLY necessary and how much of it was added busyness I could have avoided? How much time did I take for myself? Here's the color-coded lowdown:

6:30 wake up, shower, get ready, get girls ready, get everyone breakfast
7:45 need to leave for work because I am substituting in the morning from 8:30-11:00
8:00 finally leave for work because Cutie needed extra cuddles and comfort
8:25 arrive to work in the nick of time
11:00 talk to Lisa on the phone, pick up 40 lb bag of dog food, grab fast food for lunch
12:00 back to work
2:45 pick up dry cleaning, get yummy frozen yogurt
3:15 straighten house, check email and blogs
3:45 nap :)
4:45 pick dogs up from groomer
5:00 make dinner
5:45 sit down to eat
6:15 clean up dishes, spend time with girls
7:45 put on jammies, read Bible and pray with girls
8:15 tuck girls into bed
8:30 relax

I'm surprised, after writing out my schedule, that I did pretty well today. I did some restful things for myself-frozen yogurt, nap, a sister chat. I worked hard on the things that needed to be done around the house and for our family, which alleviates my stress in the long run.

BUT, maybe I shouldn't have agreed to substitute. It put a lot of stress on the morning and I had to sacrifice 2 1/2 hours.
Also, I shouldn't have stopped to get fast food when I had already packed myself a healthy lunch. I just didn't feel like heating it up (lazy.) So I ate high-fat-yuck instead. Not good.

And there are other things that didn't get done today. There is laundry to be done and the floor needs to be vacuumed. But those can wait for another day. Today has been productive enough, and it's time to rest.

How was your day? Rushed or restful?


Monique said...

Started out rushed (I haven't managed making Dr appointments go smoothly), rested in the middle of the day (had to, too exhausted from the Dr experience)then enjoyed a fabulous kiddless date with hubby! Super day!

ladybug12 said...

My day was a bit more rushed than I would have liked at the end of the day when I got home from work. DH is leaving for FL for 5 days and since he leves everything until the last minute whatever he needs help with I end up getting at the last minute tool. BUt love usually wins out over being annoyed! As we start to plan to start trying to have a child, I like you have done am deliberately making some changes and saying NO to more and carving out time for peace and spirituality to help quiet my mind and have a healthier body. We shall see I have a lot of bridges to cross.

Carolina Mama said...

You site is awesome. I am a customer :) happy one of Lisa's. Your girls are adorable. I just said a prayer about the "uncertainty." God Bless you all!

Sarah Markley said...

Chris - it NEVER gets done, not all of it anyway. I am def. a hurried woman, although, this week I have been sick, so I have been forced to slow down. I love you! And I love Golden Spoon. =)

Lisa Leonard said...

Sounds like pretty balanced day. I feel like I am trying to slow down. I like to be busy, but not all the time. Hey, why don't we slow down together this weekend? Long lunch, leisurely walk, sleep in???