Easter Fun

Last night there was a neighborhood BBQ and Easter egg hunt. The guy across the street killed a wild boar, so they cooked that bad boy up. I guess he found it digging up his backyard.

Just kidding...actually, he went hunting up north and caught it.

Anyway, the girls had a blast hunting for eggs, getting to know the other kids, eating chips, cupcakes, cookies, and candy.

And yes, welcome back, beloved taco tongue.


Ellen said...

While I was checking your blog for the 100th time today, wondering if there was a new post, this one popped up! What cute pictures. Yes, we can't get enough of the taco tongue!

Sarah Markley said...

wild boar? really? i just had a chinese chicken salad tonight. not nearly as exciting.

Naomi said...

the girls have very nice hat, and make great taco tongues

Lisa Leonard said...

great pics!! happy easter sweet girls.

Cathi Hamen said...

She is hillarious.. total comedian that girl! I cant wait to see all the pics that shan took at church today!
see you tomorrow for some swim time!

Karyn said...

The girls look sooo happy! You must be doing a great job with them Chrissie.