A Cautionary Tale

I'm sure our home is not unlike yours in that mornings are a blur of waking, eating, cleaning, bathing, dressing, laughing, cuddling, playing, crying, scolding, and rushing out the door. I feel grateful if I get the chance to shave my legs or apply eyeshadow before we're off to wherever we need to be. Most mornings I throw on something that almost matches, partially blow dry my hair, slap on some lipstick, and give my reflection a quick once-over.

Well, last week my quick once-over was a bit too hasty. I should have taken the time to notice that my cute little black H&M sweater had a gaping hole the size of a baseball in the armpit. And no, I hadn't had a chance to shave that morning. And no, none of my co-workers or students gave me a heads-up. It wasn't until LUNCH time, when I met my sweet husband, Matt, that I was made aware of my fashion blunder. Not that fashion is high on my list of priorities, but a hole in the armpit is downright indecent!

So, fellow moms, let this be a lesson to us all. Take a little extra time for yourself. Shave your legs, put on eyeshadow, heck, paint your toenails or drink a cup of cocoa. Slow down, do less bustling around, and more being still... being present...being aware of unraveling seams.


Ellen said...

I photocopied some papers, started school, walked my students to the computer lab...hours later a kind coworker informed me my zipper was down! Aargh! So, I choose to believe no one but her noticed...it's the only way I can hold my head up at work.

Lisa Leonard said...

that is absolutely mortifying. i am ashamed to call you my sister. you should quit your job and move far, far away.

just kidding! i love you, hairy armpits and all. the real tragedy here is your beloved H & M sweater...is it beyond repair???

Cathi Hamen said...

We have all had the embarrassing blunders.. zipper down, poppy seed in the tooth, straying bra strap, wandering eye makeup, teeth with lipstick.. the ones we love either tell us or don't notice because they really look at you and not what you have or dont have goin on that day!
so more importantly do we need to head to H&M and get u a new sweater or will you fix it????
have you shopped H&M at South Coast for the cuties yet? I have a student in the afternoon the other "L" girl who wears the cutest assembles from H&M... maybe we should check it out for our girls! lil lunch teacher parent conference! just like jewelry party conferences! or just my for my bday! lets plan it! love ya!

chrissie said...

Thank you concerned readers and friends. The sweater has been expertly repaired by the wonderful people at the cleaners across the street. In fact, I am wearing it right now and not a one armpit hair is blowing in the breeze.

Yes, Cathi, absolutely let's head over to H&M and have ourselves a little shopping spree!

Sarah Markley said...

Way too funny. Sorry about the pit hair! =)

I wanna go kid shopping at H&M too...call me and I'll go with you sometime!

Grace 4 Russia said...

What's H&M?

[Feeling rather missionary-ish right now...]

lindsey cheney said...

eyeshadow? what's eyeshadow?