Today I went against everything I believe in

and bought the girls Barbie song players that came with a Barbie song book.
We went to Borders before preschool this morning. I was thinking we'd have fun looking at books together.

All they wanted to look at was Disney princess and Barbie books.

I have never been into dolls or princesses and certainly not Barbies. I remember my friends would want to play Barbies, and I would be sitting there thinking, "What do we do with these things?" "What is the point of putting different outfits on them?" I just didn't get it.

But I guess the girls get it, because they are about all things girly-nail polish, make up, dresses, jewelry, and prinesses and Barbies.

I bought them the song players because I figured the pros outweighed the cons. There is no picture of Barbie on the player, and they have lots of cute kids songs, sung in a non-obnoxious tone.

The book, on the other hand, is filled with images of the buxom, blond-haired, blue-eyed, midriff-baring woman. Let the warping of their body image begin.
I don't think we'll keep the books.


Karyn said...

I'm so with you on the Barbie thing. I never liked playing with them either. In fact, one year "Santa" brought me this huge Barbie house and car, just tons of stuff and I remember thinking, "At least Santa got it for me and not mom and dad. I wouldn't want them wasting their money on this since I won't really play with it." Little did I know.

Anonymous said...

You are so funny! The first lesson I learned after becoming a Mom, was that everything I thought I would "never do" went right out the window!!! It turns your life upside-down!! Just sit back, and enjoy the ride, and talk about how Barbie also has a beautiful, kind and loving heart- judgement goes BOTH ways!!! XO-Kristin

Lisa Leonard said...

tht is so funny. you got suckered--happens to me all the time!!

Sarah Markley said...

You know, sometimes I just really have to decide which battles to fight. I let her have Barbies, but not those Bratz dolls; just my personal thing. I don't prefer the Barbies (but other kids get her that kind of stuff for birthdays), but for me, the Bratz dolls go one step too far.

Ellen said...

The world is full of images we would like to keep from children. I cringe at what TV shows and songs me students talk about. I think it's great that you are intentional about what toys you buy. Keep the communication open so when it's their turn to make choices they will have the tools.

Brianna Heldt said...

i L0VED barbies growing up! i liked doing their hair, putting on their clothes, and i had the dream house, corvette, shopping mall and spa. :)

i think barbies are great for little girls and their imaginations, but i don't like the ones that have yicky clothes on.

now those bratz dolls, THAT is a different story!

Cathi Hamen said...

I echo each of these ladies thoughts on mother hood and what to and what not to let them be exposed to... But most of all be true to your convictions.. You and Matt are amazing judges of character and love the Lord whole heartedly.. you will know what is too much. But seriously NO Bratz Dolls.. just the name shouldscare us all away!!
love you chrissie mom!!