I need your advice

on some good toys for 3 1/2 year old girls. I want to get quality things for them that stimulate their imagination, but aren't ugly, noisy or Disney.

Some of my favorite things I to do with them are:
  • beading necklaces
  • watercoloring
  • magnetic dress-up dolls
  • sidewalk chalk
  • bubbles
  • playdough
  • large legos

So, what do you think?


Rachel Shoemaker said...

I loved dressing up as a kid! I would go in my mom's closet and wear her old bridesmaids dresses and pretend I was a princess :) I also made a "house" out of an old refrigerator box. My mom cut out the door and windows and gave me crayons to color the box... I loved it! I love to play boardgames with kids when i babysit them... or make a fort out of sheets and chairs! Hope this helps! love you Chrissie!

Sarah Markley said...

I was going to say dress up too. Babies and baby strollers, play kitchen stuff (they might even be able to help you in the real kitchen too - think aprons!); sticker activity books; yes, boardgames too are great stuff for 3 year olds (non reading games we liked were zingo, candyland); at that age, with Hope, we used to go to the craft store and buy the cheap wooden stuff (boxes, picture frames, etc) and then some acrylic paint...she loved to make something that would last and would sit on my dresser; also any of that foam craft stuff you can get at michaels (they always have seasonal stuff with the foam stuff too - last year we seriously made a foam NATIVITY set - crazy). Have fun being 3, its a blast!

Jane said...

I love sock puppets - once they learn what to do with them, they can practice talking with them and having a puppet show too! Sounds like they are going to have fun whatever you end up with :) much love - J

Lisa Leonard said...

A lot of those activities are great to do together. Some independent activites might be puzzles, blocks, books, leap pad read-a-long (we have an extra if you want it). Lots of great ideas here.

Anonymous said...

I love wooden toys and puzzles by Melissa & Doug. They are high quality and durable. The barn and horse stable are great! They still keep the interest of my 6 & 2 year olds.

Target has some great wooden kitchen sets, very cute, pastel colors. They just look so real and great for the imagination.

Another huge hit in our house, is plastic animals. My three kids 8,6 and 2 will play for hours with them. They are easy to clean and have no small parts. Target again has good quality ones. They cost more than the cheap ones, but well worth it in the end.

Have fun shopping! You are in for the most fun!

Becky in Michigan

michele said...

Hey Chrissie, I'm breaking my blogfast to leave a comment! I also really like Melissa & Doug wooden toys. They have some great food sets that have velcro on all the pieces so they can cut up the pieces and put them together. Our kids love these and play together making picnics, etc for a long time. We have the pizza, fruit & veggies, and sandwich/hamburger sets. You can sometimes find them at your favo- store (TJ Maxx) or Toys R Us, or just go online. Love you!!

Robin said...

Ha Ha... ugly, noisy, or Disney.

Those will be my criteria too.

lindsey cheney said...

polly pockets are huge with my girls. they love all things teeny tiny, and they're way better than barbie (yuck). painting on canvases is also a huge hit, although washable paint isn't nearly as vibrant as craft paint, so my girls paint nearly nude!

Cathi Hamen said...

Dress up first Lexi could NOT wait to get in the dress today!!
tea set, felt people, Betty Spaghetti, Groovy Girls, Books!, White board and pens... lots of craft utensils.
board games: BIG Floor puzzles are really fun (check TJ max and more, they have a lot of kids games and learning stuff!) high ho cherry oh! & Bingo.
We too used to go to Michaels and buy wood birdhouses and paint. We would put on a grubby tshirt or paint smock or in our undies! (not mine!! heehee)and paint at the patio table for hours (with Cami), jordi likes it too!
sweet streets is a fun for the imagination.
A play kitchen is a must, I have to say of all our toys they all play with the kitchen, even Cami and Mandy still do!! check ebay for one they are everywhere or put an email out to friends who have older kids.. in fact i think shannon has a kitchen just like our in her garage.. its plastic but kids dont care, its adults who like the wood ones.

Rojas' said...

The kitchen is yours, just needs to be dusted off :} Mandy just might insist on coming over and playing with it once in awhile! XOXO Shan

chrissie said...

Thank you so much for all your wonderful ideas! I am so inspired. I went to Michaels last night and got stuff for them to paint large wooden initials for their names and make sock puppets. I want to do everything you guys suggested. Especially dress up-they will love that.

Denise said...

obviously a lurker, who hasn't commented yet. i found you via sarah, and have met your sister lisa through lindsey (my sister in law).

here is something fun to do-
shaving creme and food coloring. this helps with learning colors, and is soapy fun. give each girl a pile of shaving cream and add to it a few drops of food coloring which they will mix in. You will want a paint smock (I usually do this at an outdoor table with a wipeable tablecloth).

Another fun and educational thing would be to have them glue cheerios dried beans,fruit loops or any number of things onto construction paper (I would have my kiddos do it in a letter, number or shape).

Btw- When I was 3 I spent a few weeks in foster care (my grandparents later decided they would keep us). Yours is a wonderful home! Congratulations!!