These are a few of our favorite things

Doritos and Dancing
Really...what else is there?
Side note:
For those of you inquiring about the borders on my pictures:
I use picnik.com (it's free!)
Click the CREATE tab
Click the FRAMES tab
Click the BORDER tab
for a circular border, do the above and then
on the CORNER RADIUS scale, move button all the way to the right.
You can also choose border thickness, colors, and put borders upon borders.
It's so fun!


Nyla said...

I love your girls! Thanks for the tips on the frames. I am going to try using them soon! See you in a few hours! :)

Cathi Hamen said...

White Rabbit!
i love picnik...thnx!

Sarah Markley said...

oh, snap. my kids go nuts for dorritos. =)

Ellen said...

I love to dance too--but I'm a little inhibited so I have to do it at home with the shades down. Only there in privacy do I really let loose!

Lisa Leonard said...

love those girls!!

michele said...

What is it about kids and Doritos? We got some tonight as a treat from our very handy and convenient vending machine on the "front porch". The vending machine is a Friday treat now. Greg introduced it to them recently and they just love slipping the change through the slot!