Chatting it Up

There's just so many topics that need to be covered, so many questions, so many stories to tell and retell, so many songs to sing, numbers to count and silly words to make up...

They talk all day long, stream-of-consciousness-style. Their thoughts are often funny or affecting.

They even whisper to each other after we've tucked them into bed and turned out the lights.

I love that they do that.


Ellen said...

To have a twin...one of life's greatest gifts. I have often wondered, what do single people do? With whom do they share all their secrets? How did they sit by at lunch on their first day of jr. high?

Shan said...

Ashley just read this and agreed. But she did say it is bitter sweet (remember she's 16) but the sweet out weighs the bitter :} sweet twinkies ~
I did love hearing them whisper to each other or sneak into each others rooms............. Or innocently switch classes in 1st grade.....ahh the memories.

Lisa Leonard said...

yep, sounds familiar. one of two=blessing!!

Cathi Hamen said...

its true singles have to do it ALL alone! What a blessing to be a twin! I remember talking to Amber about it what day.. how she had to do something without Ashley and Shan and I were like "Duh!"
What a wonderful gift to have a twin.. sisters are great but a twin! WOW!!! God blessed you twins!